Ontology Based Information System

overview Ontology Based Information System is a novel designed that gives you a working information system from an ontology. It runs on an Apache Tomcat server and consists of two parts. First part gives an opportunity to load an ontology and generate an information system from it. Second part runs as an interpreter. It interprets the generated information system.

Team prof. Guntis Barzdins, guntis.barzdins at lumii lv
Aiga Romane
prof. Karlis Cerans
Martins Zviedris

Demo You can try running demo here.
It is possible to access the system in read/write mode with username - admin and password - admin
To access the system in read only mode use username - user and password - user
New version demo available here. Also it is possible to test application manager screen here
The running demo system is generated from a vet ontology. You can download it here.
DEMO SPARQL endpoint available at You can try to query underlying data with ViziQuer.

Installation Installation guide

Download Download filese

Useful tools Check OWLGrEd tool that allows to create ontologies!
Check ViziQuer tool that allows to create SPARQL queries easier.