Ontology Based Information System

overview Ontology Based Information System allows to obtain a working information system from an anotated data ontology. It runs on an Apache Tomcat server.

Team prof. Karlis Cerans, karlis.cerans at lumii lv
prof. Guntis Barzdins, guntis.barzdins at lumii lv
Aiga Romane
Martins Zviedris

Download Download OBIS 2.0 (within Tomcat), June 12, 2018

Install Brief installation guide (.pdf)

Example Annotated Mini-University Data ontology
Example data RDF triple set

Versions Download OBIS 1.4.1 (within Tomcat), November 6, 2015
Download OBIS 1.4 (within Tomcat), June 4, 2015
Ontology-Based Information System, presented at JIST'2013

Research M.Zviedris, A.Romane, G.Barzdins, K.Cerans. Ontology-based information system. In Joint International Semantic Technology Conference. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.8388, pp.33-47 (2013).

K. Cerans, A. Romane. OBIS: Ontology-Based Information System Framework. In: Proc. of CAiSE FORUM 2015, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol.1367, pp.65-72 (2015)

Useful tools Check OWLGrEd tool that allows to create ontologies!
Check ViziQuer tool that allows to create SPARQL queries easier.